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The weekend is upon us again. 

Once again, I’m looking to get my list done. I’m a procrastinator at times (when left to my own devices).

So I’ve adopted a version of the Getting Things Done (GTD) method. It’s from Getting Things Done by David Allen

It’s an interesting way of handling to-do lists. I’ll elaborate in a different post. 

Yet, I set out to be productive daily. But sometimes, I can be so focused that I forget to rest easy. 

When I say rest easy, I mean being in the moment, not distracted. Often, I’ll distract myself with TV or YouTube. 

But, if I’m still focused and consumed with what’s next, it’s not resting. My goal, which I’m far from perfect at, is to rest mindfully at the moment. Usually with my wife and/or son. 

So let’s try it together this weekend. 

Rest easy.