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Here is my weekly review. It’s my attempt to share goals and ideas from the previous week. 


I’ve been reading My Utmost for His Highest. The entry from Monday, October 4, 2021, spoke to me the most. Focusing on living out our faith in Christ in the ordinary things. 

It’s staying faithful in the ordinary things of life. The daily commute, relationships, commitments, and menial tasks of the day. That’s what I seek, to be consistent and be able to enjoy those mountaintop moments.

Physical Health

Started lifestyle changes to eat better and improve exercise. I did not make massive changes. After reading Atomic Habits by James Clear, I decided to make minor changes.

I began cutting portions instead of eating my usual amounts. To-go boxes and no fries, oh yeah. 

On the exercise side, I have been taking the stairs more often instead of elevators. 

Weight loss: 8 pounds* 

* Two weeks of eating better and more activity. I’m 6’3″ and weighed 285 lbs to start. 

Mental Health

I have spent the week practicing daily prayer and meditation. I’ve seen improvements in anxiety levels and mindfulness.

Also, I began journaling which has helped clear my mind. I noticed that I am more focused on the moment at hand. 


I implemented a to-do list strategy like the method from Getting Things Done by David Allen. It was set it up using Apple Reminders rather than on paper or a dedicated to-do list application. Apple Reminders work well because it allows dates, times, and location options. 

Started it up at the end of August, and it’s been helpful to stay on top of tasks. 

But, the most impactful productivity hack came after watching this video.

As a result, I ordered a small pocket journal (decent product but the pen holder broke) and began tracking 8 critical tasks daily. After two weeks, I have not missed a to-do in that journal. 

If you are a write-it-down type person, you have to try this! 


I’ve been listening to the audiobook from Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss. It’s a great assortment of interviews from The Tim Ferriss Show podcast. 

It covers everything from health, wealth, and wisdom. 

I am almost halfway through, and I have gotten a lot from it. I’ve written a post from the book already and will likely have more to share. 

This week, I loved the article DON’T BE BETTER… BE “THE ONLY” by James Altucher. 

It was a great read that dealt with finding what you love and letting that be your differentiator.