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Locus of Control is a Key Component to Motivation

It seems how we perceive our locus of control may affect motivation. 

I have been recently pushing toward increased discipline.

The approach involves creating disciplines that lead to better motivation. Yet, the source of motivation seems to go deeper. 

I’ve seen firsthand how our perception can impact motivation. 

The book Smarter Faster Better by Charles Duhigg makes a scientific argument:

“Scientists have found that people can get better at self-motivation if they practice the right way. The trick, researchers say, is realizing that a prerequisite to motivation is believing we have authority over our actions and surroundings. To motivate ourselves, we must feel like we are in control.”

Charles Duhigg, Smarter Faster Better (Follow him on Twitter)

It’s interesting to see how our perception influences motivation. Realizing our actions put us in control of outcomes can cultivate motivation. 

On the flip side, believing we are products of our circumstances can strip motivation at the core. 

What are your thoughts on this idea?