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We all aim to give our kids a better life than we had growing up. In some cases, it’s to replicate the good life we had. 

But, a recent study suggests that a desire for a higher socioeconomic status might lower our emotional intelligence. 

It’s something we saw in society with cases like Ethan Couch. After a deadly drunk driving accident, he used an affluenza defense to get probation instead of jail time. 

The defense stated he was a product of wealthy, privileged parents who never set limits for him.

We live in a world that will enable injustice based on such a defense. The lack of empathy for the victims is discouraging. 

An article covering the studies found people from higher socioeconomic backgrounds performed lower on tests to assess emotional intelligence. 

It seemed to further compound when a person is from a community with higher levels of inequality. 

Are We at Risk

So, is my family and I at risk as we rise socioeconomically? It seems the answer is yes. It explains kids that grew up wealthy and why they seemed to have less empathy at times. 

I also start to look at myself, although I’m not rich. Do I take time to be emotionally intelligent, or have I lost a bit of my empathy? I’ve read the books, and I know how important it is to teach children compassion. 

Then how do you teach empathy when most needs and wants are covered?

One idea I want to try is practicing poverty and serving those less fortunate. Practicing poverty could include camping with only necessities or fasting luxuries. Of course, do this only when children are old enough to understand. 

These types of ideas, to me, would help the whole family keep things in perspective.

What ideas do you suggest?

Check out the article below for more information:

People From Higher Socio‑Economic Backgrounds Often Exhibit Lower Emotional Intelligence: Study