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I have been taking more time to think recently. It’s become more important that I work towards completing daily goals. 

I’ve heard in recovery circles the idea of one day at a time. I tend to be the Burger King type. I want it my way, now. 

I Want It Now

We live in an age of unadulterated instant gratification. I electric shaver delivered tomorrow. I need dinner now. I crave it all right at this moment. 

Unfortunately, personal growth doesn’t work this way. If I want to change, it’s a daily decision. It’s not delivered tomorrow. 

A relationship won’t grow in five minutes, but focused attention can develop it over time. 

I have to accept that I’ll never have “it all.” I wouldn’t want it anyway. 

Build Each Day

When my days have no goals or purpose, it’s daily blocks laying in a row. 

Every day is a building block to a greater purpose. 

But, when my days have measurable goals, I know I’m building to a greater purpose. It’s as if those blocks are building up to create something. 

What are you building each day?