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If you have read my weekly reviews, I wrote about creating a critical tasks list. This list is separate from my regular to-do list, which utilizes Apple Reminders. 

After 31 days, I wanted to give some feedback on how it progressed.

After watching an excellent video:

I did this for 30 Days, and it changed my life

I purchased a 3.5 x 5.5 pocket journal

It’s decent quality, although the pen holder broke. I’m sure there are others to try once done with this one. 

I decided to list out eight tasks per day that moved toward essential goals. Some to-do examples include business tasks and writing goals. 

How It Went

Goals progressed or completed:

  • I prioritized time with a loved one. 
  • I sent a proposal to a potential client. 
  • I started laying out a landing page for video editing services. 
  • I finished the initial draft of a children’s book. 
  • I outlined a screenplay I’ve been procrastinating. I am now starting the writing process. 
  • I almost finished editing a short film I shot in March. 
  • Outlined and started writing another short film. 
  • I built out a landing page for a wellness app side project. 
  • I completed a Product Hunt launch for But, I didn’t do much pre-launch marketing. 
  • I started outlining a novel idea I would like to write. 
  • I handled invoicing and tasks related to a side business. 
  • I made progress on a long-form article I will be posting soon. 
  • I contributed to a satire website weekly. 
  • I submitted a music video edit for a video editing contest. 

The daily list of critical tasks affected each item listed. 

I’m not quite ready to say that the list has changed my life. But, it’s helped me show up more which is a big part of habit creation. 

Although some days I may not make a ton of progress on a task, I’d at least show up and put in some effort.

I intend to start focusing on impact over the amount of tasks. I must be impactful rather than focusing on doing as much as possible. 

What have you tried to ensure you are working towards goals rather than staying busy?