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A topic that is a significant aspect of growth is the idea of leaning in. When leaning in, I envision getting uncomfortable and taking action. 

But, what does this look like in the real world?  

Recently, my son had a fall festival at his school. The event had a bunch of activities for my son and his cousins. 

It was a fun event. There was a ring toss, a few bounce houses, and face painting. 

My son was in his element. He grabbed his cousin’s hands and led them through the school. His face beaming as he laughs while sharing his school life with his cousins. 

In The Moment

Something about this stood out to me. Kids have a way of being in the moment. When we play, my son is all there at that moment. If we are watching a show, he’s all in. If he’s playing with his cousins, he’s present. 

I hope that my son keeps that habit as he grows up. 

Looking back, I can’t help but wonder, am I all in when with those I love? Am I all in when working on an important task? Or am I planning the next thing in my head?

Although getting uncomfortable and taking action might lead to growth. Leaning in might be a bit more nuanced. 

Embrace the Moment

To me, leaning in is embracing the moment. It’s being there and accepting that moment as it is. 

The present moment is the beginning and end of where you are and hope to be.