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When I think of security, I often think of police or a weapon for self-defense. We live in a very fragile world. 

It seems anything can change in a matter of moments. The last two years have brought this home for many of us. Whether the pandemic or economic turmoil. I find myself looking for security. 

As humans, we tend to look everywhere. For some, it’s money. Others want relationships, while others seek after experiences. 

When thinking about real security, this quote from Billy Graham resonates with me.

Nothing can bring a real sense of security into the home except true love.

-Billy Graham

Often money can be fleeting. Relationships tend to come and go. Those fantastic experiences will come to an end. 

Genuine love for yourself and others has the potential to bring security. It’s an idea I am pondering all the more as my family expands. I have a deep love for my wife and son. The idea of increasing that love for another son seems foreign for some reason. Yet, I trust that my love will grow.

True love is the main thing of value I can provide in my home.