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Fears have immense power over us individually and as a nation. We fear what the future holds. We fear those different from us. 

We often allow these fears to dictate the core of our lives. Risks become too great, so we stick with ordinary living. 

The lies we tell ourselves keep us in these small, too big to fail bubbles. Where our risk-averse lifestyle is much bigger than any change could be. 

Often, if my fears are overblown. Is the thing I worry about so big that it could end me?

Likely not. But if I choose to change, I’d be going against the currents of my mind. Usually, I desire to stay comfortable. 

Fears are what keep us apart. I heard a great quote from a TED Talk given by Brian Stanton. “You can’t hate someone once you hear their story.”

Why do we fear listening? We’ve become polarized as a country. 

I suppose this quote sums it up. 

“Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is.”

-German Proverb