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I’m too distracted by the news or YouTube.

I’ll be enthusiastic about starting a project.


Do elephants hold grudges? The next thing I know, it’s 3 AM, and I’m stuck in a rabbit hole.

After a while, I can fight the distractions. But, sitting down at a blank page, waiting for the mighty inspiration to knock me over the head, doesn’t work.

My good old friend Distraction will come back with another rabbit hole if I wait too long.

Here are some ideas to increase creativity and send Distraction back to his hole.

Mediating with Intention

I’ve begun doing regular mindful meditations. The more I practice, the more natural it feels.

If I’m low on ideas on a particular topic, I’d say a prayer before meditating.

Recently, I prayed and meditated, no idea came, but later, something just clicked.

There’s something about setting an intention for inspiration.


Robert Rodriguez said something interesting during his Podcast with Tim Ferriss. He spoke about forcing himself to be creative by using fewer resources.

He shot an independent film which sold to Columbia on a $7,000 budget. Having those types of constraints forces you to be creative.

Instead of trying to do the most using a lot of resources. What can you do with less?

We allow our lack of resources to keep us from moving, but using less will force creativity.

Foster Daily Creativity

James Altucher, a great blogger, writes ten ideas a day. It’s revolutionized his creativity.

I wrote this post from an idea list I put together a while back.

It’s a great habit that seems to provide ideas that seem to stick for whatever reason.


Like writing ideas daily. Your journal can be a treasure trove of ideas.

Sometimes, the best ideas come from anger. Suppose you find yourself journaling about something that bothers you. It might be an idea to pursue in business or writing.

Take some time to look over your journal for ideas. Feelings and emotions are great for writers of novels or screenplays.

Read Everything

Read as much as you can. Dive into books, blogs, posts here, news stories, or anything that can inspire you.

I get a lot from reading other writers on Medium.

There are tons of great writers. I have picked up a lot of ideas to STEAL, I mean reference in my writings.

It’s hard to be creative if you don’t know what it looks like. So read as much as you can.

This concludes these creativity hacks. I plan to use these to keep putting out content as well as other projects.

Let me know what jumped off the page to you.