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Another week has passed, and it’s been good. My birthday is on the 16th. It’s got me thinking about how I want to approach the following week.


The week was bizarre overall. Although not a bad week per se. It got strange because on Tuesday a man jumped to his death just outside our office. It was crazy, and it hurt because I knew there must have been some deep pain.

 I couldn’t help but think just how important it is for us to have hope. We hope in Jesus Christ, my Lord, and Savior.

I have felt hopeless before, and I never want to feel that again.

Physical Health

It’s been another rough week with lifestyle changes. 

I have gotten too comfortable in some ways this week.

I still weigh around 286 lbs. 

Weight loss: 4 lb increase.

Mental Health

I have kept practicing daily prayer, journaling, and meditation.

The week was somewhat challenging trying to get back on track, but those practices did help. I spent more time journaling after the events of this week.


The Apple Reminders to-do list strategy was able to keep me focused for another week. 

I have been able to maintain the list of critical tasks. Also, I began including relational tasks on the list. I want to make priorities clear.


I wrapped up the audiobook from Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss. I wrote a brief article on it on lessons learned

I started Awakening the Giant Within by Tony Robbins. It’s a great read. Some ideas seemed complicated for me to grasp related to pleasure and pain. Mostly, the concept of applying the tools.