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Creating an emotional experience can be unforgettable. 

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

I despised school.

I didn’t connect with the concepts, nor did I often feel a connection with a teacher. It didn’t help that I was homeschooled at various times.

A few educators throughout my schooling were able to help me connect with the subject at a deeper level. Each one that affected me went beyond following the curriculum.

The teacher was able to create an experience with the subject. You could feel their passion. It was clear that they loved the subject and wanted to spark that love in each student.

A particular history teacher conveyed ideas that captivated and pulled me in. You could feel the history playing out as the class went along.

The below quote summarizes the idea:

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

– Maya Angelou


I have a five-year-old son. It’s easy for me to lecture him at this age. He’d do something completely age-appropriate, but I’ll stop and try to explain things.

But, I’ve realized that the things that stick with him most are attached to feelings or emotions. So I have attempted to role play with him more when teaching ideas—trying to create the feelings that will come and help him process them.

I never got much of that growing up rather than the normal; say no when faced with X or do X if someone bullies you.

Rehearsing a situation gives a little extra weight when teaching a new idea.

Leadership Connection

In leadership, this can be important. It’s natural to try to share ideas that you want your team to grasp. There are training sessions that detail what has to be done. Yet, customer-facing problems are often handled by the seat of your pants.

Rather than rehearsing different scenarios, which would allow team members to make mistakes in a controlled environment.

If leaders can communicate ideas by creating an experience, more people will follow. Whenever we can connect a mission with a team on a deep level, there will be clarity and increased commitment.

As Maya Angelou said, we don’t forget how people make us feel. We see it all the time with inspirational speakers, and ideas tend to stick. It’s the same for parents, leaders, and friends.

Spread love and kindness, and your impact will be unforgettable.