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No matter what, you are growing…

Photo by mina rad on Unsplash

Whether we like it or not, every decision is leading us somewhere.

I’ve become more aware as I look back over the years. I don’t do the best with my diet.

After years of bad eating, I see the effects. I’m not in shape how I want to be. I don’t feel as healthy as I once did.

It’s a strange phenomenon, but it seems we gravitate toward where we focus. The person who feels a need to worry grows more worried. To the point that they will tell you, “who will worry if I don’t.”

We all know the guy you stop making decisions in school. He started existing to get by.

He likely grew more indecisive and less motivated.

I remember a time when I was inspired and focused on my diet. I’d start tracking every bite and working out. During this time, I grew healthier and lost 40 lbs.

Intention Breeds Growth

Frequently it’s our intention that has the potential to bring new focus to our lives. Wake up and affirm it’s a good day. Watch how you look for good throughout the day.

“Our focus dictates how we grow.”

Sports always brings the idea of focus home for me. In any sport, you must keep your eye on the ball.

In football, a wide receiver has to keep his eye on the ball. Often while doing a lot of tasks simultaneously.

He’s running as fast as he can. Likely getting hit off the line of scrimmage. May have a defensive back in front of him.

The greats can overcome all these obstacles and make a crucial catch.

It’s the same in life. We all face obstacles that try to distract our focus. But if we know what we want. It’s possible to catch what we are focused on and grow.

Is Our Eye On The Right Ball

I need to make sure I am focused on the right things I want in my life.

It does me no good to allow anxiety to be my focus. It’s essential to set an intention on something beneficial to our lives.

In the end, we are all growing in some way. It’s our choice whether it is positive growth or negative.