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All about the Benjamins.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

I’ve pulled in over 112 pennies and counting.

Ok, I’ll stop. After posting around 35 posts, I’ve found that writing, in general, is not simple. Let alone writing appealing posts.

It’s not easy. I commend those that are doing it well. There are a few that I admire and love to follow. I will list them later.

My thoughts in Medium

I see Medium like most social media. It’s the best content that wins.

I hear a lot of Medium doubters. Some say the algorithm is trash or the company’s changing too much.

Yet, I see this as still a place of opportunity, even for a noob like me. I like the challenges of building something.

The opportunity is still there for writers. If we can get engaging content out, I trust growth will come.

My Plan

As someone new to the platform, I try to bridge the gap between writing for clicks and what interests me.

I’m sure it’s something all writers have to balance. It’s hard to nail down at times.

A goal for me is to write as much as possible and get better. Then use that growth in screenwriting and writing for children’s books. It’s a win-win.

The Journey

I have 35 posts, and so far, I have made $1.12 (making it rain). After joining Medium on October 20, 2021, I began posting consistently. I’m finally getting into a groove.

My goal is to close out November and move into December while finding my voice. I’ll keep writing and working on getting better.

After joining the partner program, my best performing posts are below:

5 Lessons Learned from a Year of Counseling

Why Mastering Routines Is The Key Life-Changing Habits

The below post has the most views and reads, which I wrote before I was eligible for the partner program:

3 Secrets I Learned From Quitting HS Football

The Writers

Now here are some writers I admire. There are many, but I am going to highlight those that I have observed recently.

Mario López-Goicoechea, EP McKnight, MEd, Jan Sebastian, Katharine Valentino, Patsy Collins (no relation), and Jenn Leach.

Posts I connected with:

Restorative Justice In Action, Changing Lives One by One

Murder in Mind

Instead of What You Don’t Want

I’ve written 28 Medium stories this month so far

How to Write Your First Four-figure Article

I love the community and support I get from Medium. So much inspiration to keep moving and pushing onward.

What was your first month like on Medium?